Is it just me?

September 29, 2009

Am I the only person living below the poverty level that doesn’t blame people that are above it for my situation? Why should anybody go out and give away money they earned just because you feel you deserve it more? If the government would drop this type of nonsense from every bill in the congress we would probably save enough to create real jobs not the make work green jobs  that solve nothing beyond the guilt a moron feels about his impact on the world. If we want to get people above poverty level the first thing we need to do is get the rest of the money they want to dump into the bottomless hole of public works projects and put it to use helping people start small businesses.

The next thing we should do is get real reform for health insurance in the way of tort reform and letting small businesses group together to get a better rate on insurance for their employees. Also deregulate insurance to get real competition in insurance. When a state gives you a list of insurance companies you can use to insure your employees, that with a state like California is only 6 companies long, there is a state sponsored anti competitive program.

In other words there might be a less expensive insurance plan for your business but the state won’t let you choose it because they are not a state approved company. How sick and twisted is that! these people who have spent their entire lives in government who wouldn’t know the first thing about how to run a business tell the people who pay their salaries “we know more about your business than you do”.

Only government could be that arrogant, stupid and downright pig headed to destroy the very people that pay the bills. When 75-80% of all jobs in this country are from small business, they blindly propose things that would in turn destroy the businesses that employ the people they want to save.


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